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About Us

The Carpenter’s Kitchen was Founded to Respond to Catastrophic Events.

TheCarpenter’s Kitchen has followed the first bulldozers in to devastated areas.

The Carpenter’s Kitchen is a Faith-based organization providing needed meals as a result of natural disasters or catastrophic events.

The foundation of The Carpenter’s Kitchen was laid in 1989 when some our members worked in hurricane Hugo.

As time progressed we, as a team, decided to build a command kitchen on a 53’ semi-trailer to better serve those in a more timely manner.

We have been responding to disaster areas and providing meals for those in need as a result of natural disaster.

In 2008, we incorporated as a 501(c) 3
not-for-profit organization.

From hurricanes, to floods, to tornadoes - the Carpenter’s Kitchen worked under some of the
most difficult conditions and served in areas where people were in desperate need of help.

Lives will forever be impacted as we respond to disaster areas – theirs and ours

Disaster Relief

We provide nutritional meals for people effected by natural disasters.


We have met needs for the past 20 years by the sole mean of donations.

Get Involved

With your support, people will not go hungry and needs will be met.