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First of all, we appreciate your thoughtful attention and the time you are investing to find out more about our Mission.
Without your support, people will go hungry and needs will not be met.

We have spent thousands of man hours preparing our portable kitchen unit and getting it ready for the next time we are called into action. The Unit allows us to greatly increase our capabilities of serving those in need.

It’s important to us that we honor those who support the Carpenter’s Kitchen.

As supporters come on board, they will have the opportunity to be recognized at different levels. Areas on the side our Unit have been reserved to identify our partners as we move from one location to the next. These areas have been designed to provide maximum exposure as we are set up and providing meals in disaster areas.

The Carpenter’s Kitchen is committed to excellence, with a clear vision and a passion for delivering outstanding results.
We ask you to work with us to reach those in need, during what will probably be their greatest time of need.

Disaster Relief

We provide nutritional meals for people effected by natural disasters.


We have met needs for the past 20 years by the sole mean of donations.

Get Involved

With your support, people will not go hungry and needs will be met.